Are you worried about a Loved One?

“Every noble work is at first impossible.” – Thomas Carlyle

Created by Dr. Stanger. Simply answer yes or no to each question.

      • Do you know what addiction is?
      • Can you identify addiction-related problems?
      • Has your loved one ever covered up his or her usage of a legal or illegal substance?
      • Has your loved one ever missed school or work because of his or her abuse?
      • Has your loved one ever lied or cheated or betrayed you because of his or her addiction?
      • Has your loved one ever disappeared for days?
      • Has you loved one ever stolen money from your purse, bank account, or elsewhere?
      • Has your loved one ever gotten in trouble with the law because of his or her addiction?
      • Is money missing or unaccounted for?
      • Has your loved one’s personality changed (mood swings, anger, and acting out)?
      • Has your loved one ever been diagnosed with a mental health disorder?
      • Has your loved one stopped taking his or her prescribed medication?
      • Does your loved one ever attempt to self-diagnose and subsequently self-medicate?
      • Does your loved one appear to be taking too much medication?
      • Is your loved one unable to care for himself or herself or others?
      • Does your loved one have rapid mood swings?
      • Has your loved one erupted in anger for no apparent reason?
      • Do you often wonder who your loved one will be today – will it be the person you know and love, or will it be a person who frightens/threatens/worries you?
      • Have you ever found liquor bottles or other paraphernalia?
      • Have you ever found bongs or other drug paraphernalia? Needles, syringes, cigarette papers, empty pill bottles with someone else’s name on it, for instance.
      • Have you ever found tiny, empty plastic bags with traces of white powder and wondered what it was?
      • Have you ever been driven to distrust, checking your loved one’s cell phone, email or text messages?
      • Have you ever wondered where he or she really went that night?
      • Is your day preoccupied with wondering what your loved one is doing or not doing?
      • Have you ever called the police?
      • Have you raged and ranted in desperation?
      • Have you ever wondered what happened to the person you love?
      • Have you ever thought about running away from this relationship?
      • Have you ever felt guilty that you can’t stop your loved one’s behavior?
      • Has anyone in your family experienced a substance abuse disorder?
      • Has anyone in your family experienced a process disorder (gambling, sex, eating)?
      • Has anyone in your family experienced a mental health disorder (depression, bi-polar, borderline, anxiety)?
      • Have you ever thought about calling a treatment center and learning more?
      • Have you ever thought about talking with a licensed addiction and mental health professional?
      • Have you ever considered an intervention?

If you have answered yes to five or more of these, talking with Dr. Stanger will give you the opportunity to explore the possibilities available to you and your loved one.