I feel at peace with myself and those in my life

Dear Louise,

I wanted to sit with you and tell you my thoughts face to face. The timing wasn’t working for me and I was a bit stressed, so the written word will need to suffice, for now. We will meet!

I wanted to express my deep gratitude for all you have done for me and my family throughout these past months. I feel so very fortunate and blessed to have picked your name out of many. I didn’t hesitate. You were my first and only call. As you said it was meant to be.

C also knows what a comfort and support you have been to me and him. He said he will call you.

I am much more at peace with myself and my life circumstances. You led me to that peace. I think C would agree. I have told him as much.

I need to take these next steps on my own. I am looking forward to the journey and if I stumble you will be my first call.

I do not know what the future or even what the next few months will bring. But I do know that I am strong and that my son is strong. He is embracing the support and counseling from those around him. I know that you will be there for both of us.

I have reconnected with some friends here in Houston whom I had lost touch with. My fault. One just recommended a book written by another parent in our group that was inspired in part by his daughter. C and L were in the same class at K for 12 years and they lived down the street. She suffered from severe ADHD but is now a doctor at S.

She was the girl that had unlimited time. C commented once on how painful it was to watch her work or test because she was so anxious. I’ve only looked at the intro and first pages but it resonates. I asked if you were familiar with the book. I was not.

His wife and older daughter contributed a nutritional component. “Fatal Pauses: Getting Unstuck Through the Power of No and the Power of Go” by S Y. He has a “Am I Stuck? Scale.” I was definitely stuck. With your help and your wise counsel, I am getting “unstuck.”

I feel at peace with myself and those in my life. Though, I do need to get more sleep.

I am very hopeful that my son will continue to move forward with his journey as a sober man and have a wonderful life. I think he sees the path forward clearly now. He has been blessed as have I.

Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Let’s keep in touch. Hopefully, we’ll have coffee when I visit friends in your area.

With love and so much gratitude,
– S

So Far Very Good
I thought you might want to hear the result of your successful intervention and support.  J has remained sober, acquired a good job with prospects and benefits and keeps fit, so far very good.
All the best,

Tremendous Amount of Growth

“Thank you so much for thinking of us! I receive your emails and love reading your relevant articles. We are all well…what a tremendous amount of growth we have all made over the last few years. I attend Al-Anon 2-3 times per week and have a fantastic sponsor (she is not afraid to call bullshit haha!) X has moved to Manhattan and is doing well. Y is still in Portland. M (no surprise) is playing in a golf tournament this morning. Your help and guidance was so wonderful (you too are not afraid to call bullshit haha!). Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts.

Warmest Regards, J.G”

Husband Enters Treatment

I want to thank you so very much for helping get my husband into treatment at HVRC.  He did the 30 days plus the initial 5 day detox.  Now he is halfway through the next 30 days.


just keep livin foundation – We Couldn’t Do it Without You
We are truly so grateful to you for your time and sharing your knowledge, tips and tools that is so useful for us all regardless of age! We could not continue to positively impact the students we serve without amazing human beings like yourself!


Jennifer Rizzo M.Ed.
just keep livin foundation
Program Director

Treasure Trove of Knowledge! 

Dr. Louise Stanger is one of the foremost leading experts on addiction in the United States. Her new book, “Addiction and the Family “, is a treasure trove of knowledge about the impact of addiction. I highly recommend this book for both professionals and families alike. Addiction is so often a family disease. This is an excellent guide book to help families navigate the disease of addiction from identifying the problem, intervention, treatment, and recovery. This book contains a clear set of instructions to achieve recovery. This is a great book for any family member seeking help for a loved one. It is truly designed to help addicts to end the suffering in their lives and those of their families. Thank you Louise for sharing your life’s work and insight into addiction. I will definitely be recommending this book to families as a resource to read and recover!  

Patrick McNamee 
VP of Business Development  BRC Recovery  

Jerry Moe – National Director of Children’s Programs Hazelden, Betty Ford

Great presentation yesterday. Heart felt, moving, right on the money.

MFT Humbled
I do believe A is ready. I hold all of you in my thoughts and prayers.
There is a Hebrew expression Tikkun Olam. It means to repair the world.
You are absolutely doing Tikkun Olam by helping to repair one family at a time.
I am most grateful for you and the work you do. Having been in Al-Anon myself for 33 years this March I know we cannot control many things, but this family, with your guidance, has hope and some real possibilities they didn’t have before.
Blessings to you and S. and the rest of your team.
If it weren’t for the strength and commitment of professionals like you, I would have lost a child myself.
With deep respect,


Thank you so much Dr. Louise!
It was a pleasure meeting you in person. I think J- is blessed with a tremendous gift and I believe he is willing to accept it with grace and humility. I have no doubt he will look back upon this day as a pivot point in the direction of his life and is willing and able to take his life by the reigns and charter his own healthier course ahead. I know we are all grateful for your direction and experience in facilitating this momentous event and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.




I am eternally grateful that N. brought us together and for all you have done for me. I am where I am today because of you.

Thank you for helping me develop a healthy relationship with K. Our family is healing and growing strong and this makes me very happy!! Lots of love and gratitude to you

When I first heard you speak at Betty Ford last Friday I was so mesmerized I began to rave about you for the next few days.
All I could think about was the gifts you possess and that I wanted them.
When I saw you this morning at Palm Desert County Club I got nervous because I knew I had to speak. I have been in attendance there for the last seven months and said nothing to the group outloud.
Today it all changed because of you.
When people come into your life and elevate your spirit they become your Champions. I want to thank you for being there because it was my time to get and share your message.
I look forward to seeing you in the near future.

A Thankful Mom

My daughter is doing so much better. She still does talk therapy and neurofeedback twice a week. She went back to work part time in the spring and will start full time in the fall. She has been helpful at home and is pleasant to be around. My husband and I continue to work on being a consistent united front.

Grateful Wife

K  and I celebrated 20 years of marriage this month. Thank you for helping us keep it together and growing stronger together.
He continues to do well and is grateful for his sobriety.
My word for this year is ‘growth’.

I hope you are doing well too and life is joyous and fulfilling for you.


I don’t know how many times I can thank you but I will do so for an eternity. You are a very special person and anyone who has your help is very lucky. As I have told you before, I hear your voice all the time and when I get worked up over something even unrelated to T, I know what to say and how to handle it thanks to you.

You have no idea how much you have moved me along in negotiating life in a positive way.

With your guidance and insight I believe I have also grown tremendously this past year.  I have learned a lot about myself and discovered many new perspectives that I did not know existed in my world.  I have you to thank for bringing me along on that journey on which I continue to travel each and every day.  You have been incredibly successful in helping us to create new possibilities to accept curve balls and go on making our lives meaningful. I can now sleep soundly at night.
I will always be grateful to you for your compassion, your commitment and yes, your critical evaluation of our reactions in order to coax us past the heart break and lean towards a positive outlook.  We are under no illusions, however, that as T is still in a transitional phase she is vulnerable and needs to continue working with Michaela. We are grateful for Michaela’s work with T and especially her recommendation of Dr. Mruz as that seems to be really helping T, and also for Pam.
It is my hope to keep you close to us and every day I give thanks for your coming into our lives. You are a remarkable individual and the world needs more people like you! You amaze me with all the work that you do and the many people you have touched and helped who have struggles beyond compare.
I want to send you my personal thank you for all you have done for us and T. I speak not only for myself but for L as well to let you know we are eternally grateful to you and you hold a special place in our hearts as well. I would like to stay in touch with you as you are now part of our family.

I want to let you know how much of a difference you have made for me in coping with this experience.  Without your guidance, compassion and love for our well being I know I would be struggling mightily.
I am much calmer and so much more capable of coping now than I ever thought possible and I thank you for helping me to get there. I still have a ways to go but at this point I believe I will get there with greater understanding and acceptance of all that has happened so I can live peacefully in the present and with hope in the future.
Thank you again for helping me to face reality with a strengthening resolve and comforting me with with your sincere compassion. You will always remain my angel.

Hi Dr. Stanger,
Your presentation at Innovations in Recovery on family programs was both powerful and validating.
I was the mom incognito, who attended to glean another perspective.  My exposure to twenty treatment centers has given me motivation to change the recovery landscape.
Your insight was absolutely energizing, it opened my eyes to the aspects I hadn’t yet explored. I was left with pages of notes and questions.

Tina K.
I just wanted to take this time to thank you for such an amazing presentation on families on Wednesday the 17th at the San Diego conference. I would like to ask if you would please send me the PowerPoint and any other pertinent information that will help me enhance my career and services to my client’s and their families. I am a licensed alcohol and drug counselor and an associate marriage and family therapist.


“I and everyone there loved your presentation. I heard nothing but good things! A  couple of people said they needed to hear what you were saying. I heard from a few that the information was spot on. You are the best and I so appreciate you.”

T. Durden
“The lecture was absolutely fascinating! I felt that the point about how to view clients as wounded was especially well-put and it really behooves all of us to remember it. “

Sarah K
“Thanks so much for inviting Louise Stanger tonight. It was an amazing experience and I learned so much.
I related a lot to not wanting to be a conventional therapist. I too see myself as being good in crisis and it expended my vision of what I can achieve with my degree.
There is one sentence that stuck with me is that an intervention is an invitation to change, that everyone, every day is invited to change. I went in this field because I believe that people can change if they have the right tools. I hope that one day I can be like Dr. Stanger that person that will make the difference in people’s life.”

Debra F.
“Thank you so much for having Dr. Stanger as the guest speaker. I am very impressed with the knowledge she possesses and the ease in which she presented the material. I look forward to getting and reading her books. Thank you Dr. Stanger for the knowledge you imparted today!”

I. K.

“I truly appreciate you taking the time to speak to our class on Tuesday 2/26/2019 and answering my question with regards to how you would approach a situation when the client’s family might either be deceased or otherwise unavailable for the intervention. I thank you once again for your time and all the valuable insight you provided during my addictions class. “


Our hearts are truly broken, but save for you we would have lost hope. Thank you for “being there” 24/7 as well as for your kindness. We pray there is a good ending.

Therese Bryne, Founder Gemma Recovery Group
I have known Louise Stanger for over 4 years and watched her consistently show up in service no matter the situation and need. She works with heart and passion.  I so appreciate it in this age of more common examples of lesser integrity.  I would always trust Louise to have the client’s best interest in mind.

Colleen Ecker, Counselor
Dear Louise, I Love your articles and attitude, Thank you for sharing, you’re wealth of knowledge!

Happy, Healthy 2019

Happy new year to you, Louise. You were at the top of my grateful list on this first day of this new year. I am so grateful to you that you entered our lives at such a crucial time and have made such a difference in bringing us hope and positive changes. Thank you, Louise, for showing and leading me to a new pathway.

Denise Klein

Dr. Louise Stanger is unstoppable in her quest to educate and deliver state of the art information regarding dual diagnosis issues nationally and internationally.

She encourages collective community interaction and invites dialogue that inspires true change,  growth, & hopefulness while she forges strong community connections.

She is  a force of nature in her desire to help as many individuals and families as possible through massive outreach, powerful education and family systemic work.

We are so grateful  and honored to have her in our community!


Denise Klein, MSW
Executive Director, Milestones Ranch Malibu

Barbara W, MFT

I’m so glad that I was able to attend your presentation…talk about a relevant and timely topic!! You are a gifted teacher…knowledgeable, interesting, dynamic and accessible…great combination!

L. Gold, RRCA Certified Running Coach and Founder

Your talk was quite interesting today, and I learned a lot. I especially appreciated that you acted out many of the behaviors you were describing, as it made it much easier to understand and retain the information.



To one of the most fun loving clinicians I have ever met!

I really hesitated reading your book. But I have just finished it and I am in awe your resilience to overcome your tumultuous background. You were a blessing for us at family weekend at Driftwood.

You have been an inspiration to me. L is getting better and almost ready to start a new life. I thank God and all of the professionals that have guided him through this addiction.

Your book was wonderful and must have been very therapeutic to write. To one of the most fun loving clinicians I have ever met!

Love, Susan F.

Thank You!

Thank you and wishing you the best Holidays!

You may know already but I’ll give you a brief update.   My daughter continues to do very well.  It will be one year in January that she has been sober.  That is great!

She decided to move back to the LA area to play volleyball at Harbor Community college and will be living in a Sober Living home in Redondo Beach (moving in tomorrow).  Has been home with us since Dec. 19th.  Will have surgery January 7th.  Is a new person.  Very committed to staying sober and nice to be around.

Thank you for all you assistance throughout this journey.  We are very blessed!

All the best to you,

O. D.


Diane H. PhD, LCSW

Thank you for your book Falling Up. I attended your presentations at the clinical summit in Atlanta in October 2017. Thank you for sharing yourself with so many. You have inspired me to move forward with my own teaching, social work practice, and writing.

C. Rucker, Co-Founder/ CEO Paradigm Malibu
Louise provides some of the most valued training that our staff receives. The moment that one of her trainings ends, team members begin to ask when she will be returning. They appreciate the fact that Louise is not simply offering erudite theories, but a pragmatic, evidence based approach for  better meeting the needs of the families that we serve.
I am especially grateful for her unique ability to impact younger therapists who are at the beginning of their mental health careers. Her patient and humble approach helps professionals gain greater comfort with not having all of the answers, while seeking out opportunities to  work collaboratively with others who posses different skill sets and orientations.
“Thank you so much for joining us yesterday. We all learned so much and loved having you here.”

J. Harris, Director of Operations, Paradigm Malibu

I welcome every opportunity to learn from Louise. Her vast knowledge base coupled with her authentic compassion set her apart from other industry leaders.

J. Hernandez, Founder founder Launch and Riviera Recovery

“Dr. Stanger’s  education, back ground, interactions, motivation, and energy is an inspiration. Dr. Louise  motivate clinicians and clients alike to be the best versions of themselves. She helps clinicians think out of the box in an experiential way.”

R Scholz

Dear Louise,

It was so great seeing you today!  You and your work are such a gift to our profession and I thoroughly enjoyed learning and being with you today.  I really appreciate the way you blend your expertise and personal story… We’ve also invested in a high quality presentation space that I’d love to figure out a way to set up something to have you come do an event with either just our staff or a community CE event.

J Landau
Bravo Louise!!!
Beautifully written–succinct, to the point, cool and cogent! It is the perfect response to the current ethics infringements!
I am sending it to many colleagues and friends.

What an incredible and wonderful day – you are one of the most amazing people I have ever met and what you do must be so gratifying – we are so thankful to you and the entire Driftwood team!!! See you tomorrow on the ropes course / I’m ready for a challenge / not soul cycle but will be fun!!!
Thanks again!!!

Michael Gallagher

Dr. Stanger, I had the opportunity to meet you at the Innovations Conference earlier this month and I can’t thank you for such a wonderful lecture on Chronic Pain and its impact on the treatment field. I would love to stay in touch in the future and again can’t thank you enough for all of the wonderful work you do!

Kyle Fuller
I just wanted to write to you this morning and tell you how much I appreciate you and all that you do. It is not often that I connect with someone like yourself and truly feel that we have a special bond. You have welcomed me with open arms and have went out of your way to introduce me to the recovery industry community. I look forward to seeing what God has in store for this relationship and the endless possibilities that it will create.
I am here for you as you have been for me, so never hesitate to call on me if the need arises. Have a great day and know that you are loved, cherished, and respected by me and countless others.

Jack Riccobono

Dr. Stanger is an extraordinarily passionate advocate for her clients. Her determination, commitment, and expertise are what power her ability to motivate hope and positivity in moments of immense challenge. A true force for good in a complicated world.

Thanks so much for the great presentation last night. I really enjoyed it as did the parents.  I’ll pass on these additional resources and your website.
Thank you!

D Goff

I just wanted to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all your help. All you’ve done for me and my family is so special. I’m truly grateful for you.

Thank you

Robyn Goldberg-slipyan

Dr. Louise Stanger’s memoir is an A+ memoir of strength and courage that informs & educates the reader of how she as a clinician was able to literally turn her life around into something positive & educate her clients through the most difficult of times. Dr. Louise Stanger proves it is possible to live with family members with addiction & mental illness & how she was able to turn all situations into having her life be nothing but positive. This is a must read & if one is ever of need of an interventionist she is the “go to person” so rescue your loved one!

Read More Reviews on Amazon

Derek G

Hi Louise,

I just wanted to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all your help. All you’ve done for me and my family is so special. I’m truly grateful for you.

Thank you

Dustin Wagner

Youth and parents immediately responded to some of the advanced family mapping strategies that Louise reviewed in the training. The training made a strong and positive impact on our staff and ongoing work with our families.

Read the Recap on Paradigm Malibu’s Website

D Wagner

I would like to report that you made a very strong and positive impact on us here at Paradigm Malibu.  I loved how you carried the room and got people comfortable and engaged in opening up and sharing.  I can speak for others and myself that we have immediately started using some of the family mapping strategies that you showed us.  Youth and parents are responding well to it.

I’ve been doing some family work myself and both the teen and his mom were blown away to get to see the visible representation of all the family conflict, drug use, and mental health issues.  It really helped shift the conversation and provide a better understanding of the work that needed to be done.

We would love to have you come back out in the very near future to expand on some of the areas we didn’t get to touch on.

Harry Nelson

Hi Louise,

Thanks for following up.  It was likewise so great to meet you.  I loved your talk—by far the most engaging and an important message.  I am excited to connect in October.

~Testimonial on Speaking at C-Suite Stategies on Behavioral Health Care From Harry Nelson Founder and Managing Partner of Nelson/Hardiman The Law Firm For Health Care Providers


Louise..i finished my copy of your wonderful book today. Thank you so much for the gift and the kind inscription. You have lead a fascinating life evidently full of helping broken people. And your writing is fresh and moves as fast as the Gallatin river rapids!

Christina Lacono, Clinical Outreach

Miss Louise,
You are so amazing.  I enjoyed getting to speak with you and seeing you in Vegas.  Truly one of the highlights of my trip. Thank you so much for your time, wisdom and amazing spirit!  I look forward to connecting more with you in the future as well!

Beth Billstein CIC – CWCP

Thank you so much Louise. Your timing is so special – much appreciated and needed this evening. Really enjoyed your presentation this morning. Took some good information away – really liked the “invite/inspire” people to change” – “experiencing a substance abuse”(rather than labeling “addict or alcoholic” and much more… Thank you for sharing your passion for recovery. You make a difference. Thank you!!


Dr. Louise,

Just an update to let you know I am doing very well.  We have been at the . cabin for the last 10 days, and have had a great time.  We will go home on Tues.  We love our two al-anon groups out here and have made great friends with a wonderful couple whose two sons have addiction problems.  Ironically, one of their sons was also at  ___ and knew ___ there.  They invited us to their home for breakfast the other morning, and their youngest son was there as well.  It was very interesting to hear his perspective about life in recovery.

We are so excited about our little granddaughter!

I led an al-non meeting at home a few weeks ago. It was a great experience. I am also on schedule to do it again soon.   Our son is supposed to be released on Sept 28 and, of course, we are praying that he has a solid plan for after his release.  I guess that is not for us to know.

Thanks to you, I have come to realize that I deserve to be healthy–that I deserve to lose weight and celebrate myself.  I am worthy of being in good health and worthy of being attractive.  I don’t need to punish myself any longer.

I owe so much to your prodding and probing, and homework demands.  How good it feels to have let all those festering secrets out!  Now, I am working to be more authentic and approachable

Thank you for your enlightenment.

BJ Hickman, Director One80

Louise is committed to the compassionate care of her clients and their families. She brings years of experience to her work and is truly passionate about providing the best possible care for hurting people and those suffering from the disease of addiction.

Connie Collins LCSW, Director Pemarro Treatment Center

I was very fortunate to be a student in Dr. Stanger’s graduate level Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Intervention class at San Diego State’s School of Social Work. She is an enthusiastic, knowledgeable professor who inspires students to do their best. Dr. Stanger brings a wealth of experience and a comprehensive understanding of addiction and family dynamics, and she is generous in sharing that experience with others. As a board member for Pemarro, Louise Stanger provides passion for our mission, wisdom from her years of experience and study, and cutting edge knowledge of treatment practices and industry standards. Dr. Stanger’s understanding of human dynamics and the addictive process contribute to her skill as an interventionist. I highly recommend her.

James Evans Professor of Behavioral Sciences

Having worked with Louise Stanger in a variety of capacities over the last 20 years, I would not hesitate to send any family to her for an intervention. Louise is the consummate professional. She is highly skilled yet caring and ethical in her clinical work with clients. Louise Stanger is my first choice for intervention.


Dr. Stanger is a master at intervention. It is an honor and privilege to have been one of her students. The skills I learned in her class will be extremely valuable in my career as a substance abuse professional.

James Di Peri, AODS Student, San Diego City College

Dr. Stanger is the real deal. It’s not every day that you have the opportunity to learn from someone with such a great passion for what they do. She teaches intervention skills from her professional experience and keeps it exciting. She is a very powerful and dynamic instructor.

L Shields San Diego, CA

Our family turned to Louise in utter desperation after my sister was unable to stay sober despite month-long stays at various drug and substance abuse treatment programs and a strict regimen of AA meetings. We were at the end of our rope, not knowing where or who to turn to, or how to deal with my sister’s bouts with depression and self-denial, when we reached out to Louise. With her compassionate and empathetic nature, Louise helped us get through one of the most difficult times our family has ever experienced—literally saving my sister’s life. Louise used her extensive network of business and personal contacts to get my sister into a beautiful transitional house in Solana beach where she is still currently residing and remains healthy and sober. Louise is a leading expert in her field and gifted in her ability to handle any type of situation and personality when it comes to addiction and substance abuse. We cannot thank her enough for what she has done for our family.

Jackie O.

Recovery will be everyday for the rest of his life but he and we are taking it one day at a time. All your help, advise, encouragement and calls REALLY made a difference for our whole family, not just Kyle. You were straight with me and that is what I needed. I just wanted to take the time to update you and say, thank you for all that you do! I still consider you my Angel!

Dr. Divya Kakiya, Director, Healthy Within, San Diego, CA

I have had the good fortune of working collaboratively with Dr. Stanger for over the past 25 years. She is the consummate professional and a team player. As a clinical interventionist she is able to garner in a natural setting a portrait of “Troubled loved ones” which helps referring therapists see their clients more clearly. She works tirelessly with families with compassion, humor and expertise challenging them to move forward. I have relied on her expertise when matching patients with treatment centers as she has extensive knowledge in this area.

Tom Horvath, Ph.D., President, Practical Recovery

Dr. Stanger is tenacious in her efforts to establish and maintain a connection with the individual who needs to overcome addiction. Anyone who works with addiction knows how unstable motivation can be in the early stages of recovery. Having Dr. Stanger as a companion in those early hours, days and weeks can make the difference between continuing to go downhill, and making a real change.

N. P. CEO, Geneva, Switzerland

Dr. Stanger has been very helpful teaching our international company how to identify substance abuse disorders and substance abuse treatment in Europe. She works well with our executive team.

Malcom G, AVP, Elon, North Carolina

Dr. Stanger was an amazing professional to work with. She was able to step into a tough situation with a very successful businessperson and talk through the necessary steps to get to recovery. The entire process required little effort on our end and at the same time delivered better results than we could have hoped for. I would highly recommend Dr. Stanger.

Sandra F. Utah

Louise Stanger has an innate ability to encourage and empower the women she works with. With kindness and integrity she guides you along the process of life changes helping you focus on the important aspects of your life and helping you discover within yourself your inner strength and value along with a clear idea of the values and goals you believe are important. I am very grateful for the time and the encouragement she provided while I was going through a very challenging career change. The end result has been amazing.

Bella H. Northern California

Louise has been extremely helpful in supporting my family through a very difficult substance abuse incident. Her advice and experience gave a lot of comfort and helped us get help for the not only the abuser but also the victim, who was in denial about the issue and was struggling to know what to do or where to turn.  We would recommend Louise to any family who has to face these difficult issues.

John D. Clapp Ph.D. Director & Professor

Dr. Stanger is well-known national expert in the addictions field with a breadth of knowledge of skills ranging from clinical interventions to public policy. She is an accomplished clinician, educator, program administrator and consultant with over three decades of experience providing excellent services and advice to a broad spectrum of constituencies.

Katie Gregory, Executive Director, Bridges to Recovery, CA

It is an honor to recommend a woman that I have know for some time both professionally and personally as a colleague and friend. Louise is a consummate professional and has a broad range of skills and expertise in the field. I often call her for recommendations and direction for finding a perfect fit for a client or patient. She knows her limitations and explores options thoroughly. She is sensible, compassionate and trustworthy.

Eloise Gene-Black CADC ll, Betty Ford Center

I’m grateful that I met Dr. Stanger during her Professional In Residence program at the Betty Ford Center several years ago. 
I find her to be passionate about the work she does in so many areas, including with families in crisis. She has a gift for finding the treatment modality that is most effective for her clients.

Paige R. San Diego, CA

Louise facilitated the intervention we did on our 20-year-old daughter and Louise was not only extremely professional and effective, the way in which she coached and encouraged our daughter was remarkable. During the intervention, Louise kneeled behind our daughter and softly spoke into her ear. I remember seeing our daughter’s shoulders soften while she did this. This technique alone was extremely supportive and loving during a more than difficult time for our daughter. Her special touch like that is what made the intervention a success. I am truly impressed with Louise and her style and would ask her to help us again in a heartbeat.

Ilene S. Pittsburgh, Penn.

Dr. Stanger was instrumental in helping members of our family transition through an extremely difficult time in our lives. We moved from an extremely fractious situation to one of health and vibrancy. She is a remarkable professional with great skills and personal insight.

Ali McCreery, LCSW, San Diego and Encinitas, CA

Dr. Stanger is the most experienced professional and truly gifted interventionist that I have worked with in my 20 years as a psychotherapist. I specialize in the treatment of alcoholism/addictions and related issues. My most recent referral involved a very complicated, multi-generational family and an adolescent in dire need of treatment. Dr. Stanger pulled the family together in their common goal, gracefully connected the professionals involved and made a seemingly hopeless process run smoothly. Dr. Stanger also keeps informed about treatment centers by visiting and evaluating them all before ever making a referral. She is truly at the top of her field.

Dr. Joe Bratsky, Psychologist, La Jolla, CA

Louise Stanger is deeply concerned for the well-being of her clients and their families, and works tirelessly to achieve good outcomes for all.

Connie Collins, LCSW Psy.D.

I was very fortunate to be a student in Dr. Stanger’s graduate level Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Intervention class at San Diego State’s School of Social Work. She is an enthusiastic, knowledgeable professor who inspires students to do their best. Dr. Stanger brings a wealth of experience and a comprehensive understanding of addiction and family dynamics, and she is generous in sharing that experience with others. As a board member for Pemarro, Louise Stanger provides passion for our mission, wisdom from her years of experience and study, and cutting edge knowledge of treatment practices and industry standards. Dr. Stanger’s understanding of human dynamics and the addictive process contribute to her skill as an interventionist. I highly recommend her.

Barbara Quinn RJCS, Director

Louise is a competent, hard working, and committed woman. Her initiative and creativity are marked. Louise’s knowledge and skill in the area of substance abuse are excellent, made stronger by her spirit of compassion.

Sayeh Beheshti M.D., M.A Adult Psychiatrist & Psychotherapist

It was wonderful to meet you too Louise! You are an amazing talker, and I really enjoyed learning more about intervention. I run into many situations where my patient has an obvious substance abuse issue and is unwilling to face it. As you said today, the family is at least half the problem. It is extremely difficult for me to convince my patients, within the confines of my office, and without their family’s support, that they need treatment. As you also cautioned, I’ve always been unclear as to when and whom to talk to as an interventionist. Thanks again for a very wonderful, entertaining, and educational talk. Your poem was especially touching. I look forward to collaborating with you as well.

Norm Boshoff, M.Div., Th.M., CADC II, BRI-II

I have worked in the field of interventions for many years and had the opportunity to observe Dr Stanger at work. Her academic background and training allow her to bring her clinical skills to an intervention in a way that makes her remarkably effective. Louise has a wonderful, disarming way of talking to people; she is intelligent, non-judgmental, warm and loving. Family members and their addicted loved ones feel safe and comfortable in her presence. Louise has an uncanny intuition that makes her a master at orchestrating the intervention in a way that motivates the addicted loved one to accept the gift of treatment. She always seems to know who to call on, and when to call on them. She knows when to push forward, when to back off, and when to take a break and eat a muffin. She laughs easily, but is also deadly serious. At the end of an intervention, families know they have been in the hands of a highly competent, caring professional. Restored lives and relationships are testament of her brilliant work.

Mindy Katahara, LCSW

Dr. Stranger,

One of my friends and colleagues met you at a conference and was telling me about you! You were one of my professors at SDSU during my bachelor’s program around 2003-2004. I just wanted to say HI and I am glad to see your website and your work!I was telling my friend Annabel Mojica about you and the time I had you as a professor. What great memories…and how fast time flies. Anyway, I hope that our paths cross again.

Best Regards,

Mother In Recovery

Louise Stanger began working with me shortly before my son entered treatment for alcoholism. My life was at a very low point at that time. I am happy to report that my son is currently in recovery… and so am I. While I would not wish alcoholism or addiction on any mother, I have found a silver lining in all of the chaos, sadness, guilt and fear. I am now working on myself, learning to set boundaries, nurturing my spirit and working on serenity. Through grace, Dr. Stanger came into my life at a time that I was receptive to change and wise counsel. Her assistance has been invaluable. Life is a series of courageous steps, and thanks to Dr. Stanger, I am embracing the journey.

R. Thomas, Herefordshire, England

Dr. Stanger traveled to England to try and save my beautiful wife from harming herself. She worked with difficult family members who were unable to acknowledge that she had a substance abuse problem. Her fierce compassion and tenacity helped my wife seek treatment and saved my 5-year-old son’s life.

Sarah, Chicago

Louise helped our family put the doubt and fear aside as we sought information about conducting an intervention. She provided the support and knowledge necessary for us to confidently move forward in helping my mom seek treatment, who has now been sober for almost two years.

Elizabeth D

Dear Louise,

You did an amazing job speaking yesterday at His House event in Upland! I really garnered a lot of new information from some of the things you said. I especially liked the part about helping the recently relapsed recovering person see that thought they have had interruptions in their abstinence not to view it as a failure because they have also had years of success. That was so refreshing to hear!! I plan to go for a walk this afternoon to start my exercise regime. I will let you know how I fare.

Thank you again,

Paul Alexander, Executive VP/COO, Northbound Treatment Services

In addition to the high level of clinical expertise, education and extensive experience Dr. Stanger brings to her work, her integrity and commitment to her clients is authentic and resolute.
Dr. Stanger’s multi-faceted approach is rooted in compassion and dedication to the family who is suffering the severe affects of addiction and mental health issues.  She consistently demonstrates her proficiency in dealing with the highest complexity of cases, helping both the psychologically impaired and those in the life-threatening grip of addiction.  Her comprehensive clinical assessment and evaluation of the entire family dynamic enables her to consider every possible variable.  She is able to motivate even the most resistant client to accept help and create a path to recovery.  Dr. Stanger’s dedication and commitment to each family is constant, as she supports them in the intervention process throughout the entire journey.

Justin and Wendy Harvey, The Arbor, Austin, Texas

Energetic, informative, and thought provoking!  These are just a few words that describe Dr. Louise Stanger’s presentation “The Clinicians Guide to 12 Step.”  Not only is she a pleasure to be around, but she also has a wealth of information and knowledge about how to incorporate the 12 steps in a clinicians practice.  I would recommend hiring her for a speaking engagement or attending an event where she will be presenting to experience her interactive, dynamic style!

Linda Landon, PCC, Business and Recovery Coach and Trainer

Dr. Louise Stanger is an extraordinary presenter. Her humor, riveting story telling, enthusiasm for the subject matter, and genuine interest in the audience puts everyone at ease and draws them in. She shares generously from her wealth of experience, and doesn’t hesitate to invite participants to share their expertise. I highly recommend you invite Louise to lead a full day training for your staff, or deliver a keynote presentation for your conference.


Hi Louise,

Thanks so much for the note. I am working with Phil on a plan to reintroduce the kids to Amy. He is cautious, as can be expected, but I have promised him that I would look into the BF clinic and get the process rolling. The kids are doing so well, so he has guarded optimism that this time treatment has worked for her, and thus, reluctant to disrupt a relatively stable life for them now. I understand, but will continue to push as appropriate. I have encouraged him to attend a forum, but understand his schedule affords little time, so I am trying to be the neutral conduit of information to him that the forum provides. His intent is not to keep the kids from her, but to give her back to the kids when he is confident she is a devoted Mother and can co-parent in a positive manner. I completely agree with this and will do whatever I can to facilitate this for the kids, as they need her as much as she needs them.

I plan on coming up tomorrow, I have a call from 7-8 and then will get on the road.

I look forward to seeing you and deeply appreciate everything you have done to save my daughter. 🙂

Much love,

“G,” Kansas

I bought a card to send you, but realized I don’t have a mailing address. I wanted to tell you how very honored I was to be a part of the intervention with L, G & .  I came away feeling hopeful that L & G will begin the work they need to do. I hope will, as well. I was grateful for your team’s professionalism and for allowing R and me to be a part of the process. I am so thankful that the issues of secret keeping, mental health issues, trauma, etc were identified and brought into the open. I look forward to being a part of the ongoing group.

I also wanted to report in about the three things I’m choosing to do for self care. 1. I’ve restarted meditating & journaling. 2. I’m starting daily walking again. 3. I’m spending time with my daughter, granddaughter or friends for “girls’ night out” or tea,  a couple of times a week.

“S,” Southern California

Dr. Louise

As you requested, I am writing this to try an express my feelings and observations regarding the horrific nightmare that I now know to be a deeply rooted drug addiction consuming my 28 year old daughter. I now know that my daughter has been using drugs for going on 10 years.
I only “woke up” to this terrible nightmare about 2 years ago when it seems that she was no longer “functional” as a person and she could no longer disguise her addiction and the terrible effects that heroin and crystal meth reek on the body and soul. After learning, listening and being guided by you for over two years I have finally come to a place where I realize the incredible direness of the battle I am in.

I finally met the enemy face to face, eye to eye, about 2 weeks ago after my daughters recent court appearance. It was after countless nights of not sleeping, hundreds of texts between my daughter and I that went no where,  hundreds (perhaps more) of lies from my daughter, countless court appearances, dealing with court bail, failed intervention, failed stint at rehab, numerous interactions and conversations with police.  My daughter plead guilty to felony drug possession and agreed to go to a rehab program in Arizona run by an outreach church that my sister in law was associated with.  The court agreed to postpone sentencing after the plea for six months so that my daughter could attend the rehab in Arizona……..

Pre court my daughter was clear and precise……”yes, i’ll go to aunt stacy’s in arizona..”

I was rejuvenated with hope once again as we got into my car. I was excited for the 4 hour drive to a new beginning then the enemy started with the familiar tactics ……..

“before we go i need my sub’s”  (medicines, hard to obtain to help her detox) and  “also,  i’m not going unless  my boyfriend goes with me” and then finally, “i’m just going to check into a outpatient program in san diego….”
(which was never going to happen)

it was at this moment, that I realized she wasn’t interested in getting treatment, wasn’t going to go to Arizona with me, wasn’t interested in getting better.  It finally sunk in that I was dealing with a modern day Dr. Jeckel and Mr. Hyde: she could be sweet, rational  and convincing on the one hand. But the true enemy- the drug addicted and drug possessed person that had overcome my daughter was cruel, ruthless and had no care, respect, empathy or compassion for anything I was going through or doing to help her.

As we speak my daughter is back in jail, facing new drug charges and multiple legal problems, and hopefully a lengthy jail term which in her deep addiction is the only way that she will be separated long enough from the effects of the drugs to think clear enough to make life changing decisions.  If i can share anything with other parents it is to not let their child negotiate their treatment, don’t trust anything they say, and follow your time and case tested prescription and advice to defeat this absolutely
horrific enemy.

Thank you for your steady, consistent and caring advice in this surreal, insane and horrible battle against this evil enemy.

Brenda, Southern California

Thank you Dr. Louise!  We just returned from our Anniversary trip. We recently met with our loved one .  It is a journey.  I still hold hope out for our family.   I will never forget that you helped to save her life and helped to bring is and our daughter to what we hope will be healing of our hearts.

Thank you again for what you did.

Carson Winn, LCSW

I’ve been a licensed therapist since 2007 in Florida and have worked in the addiction field for a number of years prior. Upon moving to California, I needed supervision for licensure here and was blessed to have found Dr. Louise. She has a keen sense of timing in her work with clients and a bank of knowledge for clinical technique that I hope to acquire one day. More important than that, however, has been Louise’s ability to inspire me when I’ve needed it most. Her ongoing mentorship is one I continue to rely upon.

Burr Cook, Family Intervention Now

My colleague Louise Stanger is a highly educated and experienced interventionist. She and I frequently collaborate on cases and over the years I have come to respect and value her knowledge and experience in working with addicts and families impacted by addiction. Her guidance and approach to working with families is always sound and guided by ethical principals. Whenever I refer a family to Louise, I know I am leaving them in good hands

Linda, Midwest USA

Thank you, Louise!  You have helped me to become a better, more mature mother. Relish the fact that you have helped so many others to effectively fulfill their role as moms. Wishing you a great Mothers Day!


Thanks so much for the note.  I am working with P on a plan to reintroduce the kids to A.  He is cautious, as can be expected, but I have promised him that I would look into the x and get the process rolling.  The kids are doing so well, so he has guarded optimism that this time treatment has worked for her, and thus, reluctant to disrupt a relatively stable life for them now.  I understand, but will continue to push as appropriate.   I have encouraged him to attend a forum, but understand his schedule affords little time, so I am trying to be the neutral conduit of information to him that the forum provides.  His intent is not to keep the kids from her, but to give her back to the kids when he is confident she is a devoted Mother and can co-parent in a positive manner.  I completely agree with this and will do whatever I can to facilitate this for the kids, as they need her as much as she needs them.

I look forward to seeing you and deeply appreciate everything you have done to save my daughter. 🙂

Much love,


Dr. Stanger,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help in my sobriety. I am now 368 days clean and feel grateful. I have a great sponsor, am working the steps and have commitments at my NA home group, and still volunteering at Hemet Valley Recovery Center. Am still looking for a job but life is good. Just wanted to let you know that it works! One day at a time!”
Thank you again,


Claudia Black

Nice Huffington article. Keep up the good work. I took a memoir class a couple years ago. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Good for you! Keep up the great work.

Kelsey Huberty

Speaking as someone who has worked with Louise Stanger as a referent, I suggest listening to her. She is one of the few interventionists I’ll refer clients and families to because of her strict ethics and only interest being what is best for the IP and the family system. We have been working collaboratively and creatively on a case for over a year and the changes have been remarkable.

Donnie Knight

I just wanted to thank you for your participation in our event and taking the time out to provide our staff with training. Your spirit was/is such a blessing to me and others you encounter. There has been such great feedback about your presentation at the event. I hope that you are having a great day on purpose! Hope to speak with you soon.

Brian Cuban

It was such a pleasure and honor to meet you. I loved your presentation and the Pittsburgh connection. Would love to chat with you further about things we could do together.


H. Hauser

I’m sure it’s been said before…what one learns through this particular process opens the door to a LOT of other freedoms you didn’t even know you needed. (A comment for your website… because I think you have help for people who don’t have the traditional family/friends around for traditional intervention… I.e. What if you’re the ONLY one left?)


It occurred to me that I hadn’t sent my annual update on December 13th when I turned three years sober. Life is great and just getting better on so many levels. None of it would be possible if not for you and my sobriety/recovery. I usually roll my eyes when people use this but in this case I think it is fitting so here goes: #blessed

Thank you always