Are you worried about a Loved One? Use these self assessments to see if it’s time to start a conversation about help.



Self-Assessment: Does My Loved One Have A Problem?

Are you worried about recent behavior in your Loved One?

Has the relationship become increasingly tense over time? Created by Dr. Stanger – this simple YES/NO format may reveal if it is time to explore options and opportunities for your Loved One.

Assessment For Drug & Alcohol Addiction

Could there be a problem with drug or alcohol addiction?

If you have spend time worrying about when drinking or a drug prescription becomes an addiction, this YES/NO assessment can determine if help is needed.

Assessment For Internet Sex Addiction

Are there signs of internet sex addiction?

Concerned about how much time your Loved One spends online? Has his/her screen addiction started causing problems in other areas of the relationship?

Self Assessment: Co-Dependency

Wondering if you are in a co-dependent relationship?

This condition appears to run in different degrees, whereby the intensity of symptoms is on a spectrum of severity, as opposed to an all or nothing scale.

Assessment For Eating Disorders

Is eating becoming a problem?

Use this self-assessment to see if the line has been crossed between healthy dieting and dangerous obsession.

Assessment For Gambling Addiction

Have gambling habits moved outside of fun and into dangerous?

Compulsive gambling affects millions of people. Take this self-assessment to see if there are signs the behavior has become uncontrollable.