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The Definitive Guide to Addiction Intervention: A Collective Strategy


Written for a broad audience of medical & behavioral healthcare professionals, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions: A Collective Strategy introduces clinicians to best practices in addiction interventions & bridges the gap between the theory & practice of successful intervention. Synthesizing decades of fieldwork, Louise Stanger explores the framework for successful invitations to change, what they look like in action, & how to adjust approach by population, & Lee Weber serves as editor. The authors summarize & compare intervention models in use today & explain the use of family mapping & individual portraiture as clinical tools. The text also teaches clinicians to troubleshoot common situations as they help move clients toward positive life decisions. Practical, ready- to-use clinical tools follow the text in downloadable worksheet form.

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What Professionals Are Saying About The Book

A comprehensive and invaluable resource for those who treat this brain disease of addiction, Dr. Louise and Lee present a very practical guide to the art and theory behind effective intervention strategies. This is a must-read for clinicians wanting to fine-tune their current skill-set to become more proficient agents of change.
Lauren M. Walton, MD, ABAM, FAPA

Board Certified Addiction Psychiatrist, Long Beach, CA

Straight talk from Dr. Stanger and Lee Weber is fueled by experience, tempered with compassion, and offers practical intervention strategies to be imposed without judgment. This clinical guide includes all the tools necessary to delve into the complex world of helping individuals and their families who seek a way out of addiction.
Caren Sax, Ed. D

Professor in Rehabilitation Counseling and Chair of the Department of Administration, Rehabilitation, & Postsecondary Education, San Diego State University

The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions by Louise Stanger and Lee Webb is a much-needed contribution to the addiction field.  The text follows an easy to understand framework that flows from Dr. Stanger’s decades of work in the field.  This book is a text that clinicians of all levels of experience should find extremely useful.

Dr. John Clapp, PhD, FAAHB
Professor and Interim Dean
USC School Of Social Work

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