Time & Cost

The time required to do an intervention depends on the circumstances and commitment of everyone involved. Sometimes it takes a while to identify, organize, and bring together all significant persons.

Most interventions take several days, but can span just a few hours to many weeks. Each family is different, each client’s situation is different, and each solution is different. Many families report feeling better as soon as they start working with Dr. Stanger, even before the actual intervention is conducted. Dr. Stanger often advises that the intervention team continues with her coaching sessions for 6-12 months after the intervention.

Therefore, since the scope of every intervention is different, the time required may also span a broad range. The cost of an intervention can vary significantly. Dr. Stanger is happy to discuss the specifics of your situation with you and provide an estimate of what your intervention might cost, with no obligation. She understands where you are coming from and will not try to ‘sell’ you an intervention. She wants what is best for you and your family, and will provide the information you need to make your decision without any pressure.